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A Quick Glance At Our Medicare Solutions

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Why Choose A Medicare Supplement Plan In Arizona?

The cost of an unexpected illness, disease, surgery, or hospital stay can leave you with enormous medical debt, even if you have Original Medicare (Parts A and B). For these unanticipated circumstances, Medicare Supplement plans (also known as Medigap insurance), can be the perfect solution for you! These policies can protect you by covering items like copays and deductibles that Medicare doesn't. Without a supplement plan, you’ll pay 20% of all your health care costs, but with a Medicare Supplement plan in Arizona, it’s taken care of.

Ultimately, these plans cover expensive gaps in Original Medicare and could save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars in the long run!

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The Best Medicare Solutions for Senior Citizens in Arizona

When it comes to your healthcare plan, we never take the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, and why should we? Your health, and situation, might be completely different from the next person. Because of this, we do our absolute best to match you, and your health, with a Medicare solution that works FOR you!*

*All of our services are at no charge.

What We Offer Medicare Solutions & Supplemental Plans

We offer a variety of Medicare Solutions and Supplemental Plans. Our main plans include: Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans, and Medicare Part ‘D’ plans.

Medicare Advantage Plans in Arizona

Also known as “Part C”, Medicare Advantage Plans cover everything that an Original Medicare Plan does (Parts A & B), but can also include health and wellness costs, as well as drug coverage. This Medicare solution will have an annual fee, and some plans can even come with premiums as low as 0$/month.

Medicare Advantage plans can differ based on the insurance company. When searching for a plan that suits you, we recommend talking to a health insurance agent in Arizona that can help tailor a plan to match your specific health requirements.

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Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans

Also referred to as Medigap, these are essentially health insurance plans that help fill in the ‘gaps’ of your primary Medicare plan.

These policies are a wonderful option to help cover costs like:

Specialist Copay

Hospitalization Costs

Prescription Drug Expenses

Medicare ‘Part D’ Plans

Part ‘D’ plans cover prescription drugs otherwise not covered by your regular Medicare. Sometimes referred to as PDP’s, these can be the perfect Medicare solution plans to help off-set the high costs of your prescription drugs.

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Professional & Approachable

We differentiate ourselves from other health insurance brokers in Arizona by providing our clients with the option for in-person consultations. Most brokers will only assist you over the phone, or online (which we do as well). But, we believe that establishing a good relationship, and really understanding your supplemental needs, gives us an advantage. Once we know you personally, we are able to create a well-rounded, customized plan that perfectly fits your needs. Because, when it comes to your health, you’re ALWAYS worth the time and effort. Our current clients sure appreciate it!


Medicare Supplement insurance is highly affordable. Our agents will match you with the best, low-cost options! While Original Medicare only covers 80% of your healthcare expenses, our Medicare Supplement options can fill in those expensive gaps.


The great thing about having Medicare Supplement insurance is that it grants you the freedom to see almost any doctor throughout the U.S.

Our Arizona Medicare Insurance Plans

We offer all types of Medicare solutions for our clients. 

Our insurance providers include: United Healthcare, Humana, Cigna, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Allwell / Wellcare, Aetna, Bright Health - These carriers have Medicare Advantage HMO & PPO, Medicare Supplement Plans, Medicare Prescription Drug plans.

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